Love and Grace Ministries COGBF

Alma, GA

Financial Solutions was a blessing to the ministry.  While in the process of building the community center, we reached out for financial assistance to help aid in the cast of the gym floor, ac units, and the payoff of side construction debt.

Financial Solutions was able to combine the loan requested for FCC and the existing mortgage with a lower interest rate.

 Pastor Tyrone Jordan

The Rock COGBF

Tampa, FL

In 2008, a vision and mission statement was cast for the Church of God by Faith – Tampa. At that time, we were known as Little Rock Church of God by Faith. One of the statements stated that a new edifice would be built in Tampa. With the past experiences of lenders financing churches, it was brought to our attention that even though the financing would be done, it would be based on what is called a balloon mortgage – meaning that the loan would be up for review at a predetermined time frame. It would be subject to approval and would be refinanced at the prevailing interest rate at that particular time. Having the church refinanced through the Church of God by Faith Financial Solutions has provided the peace of mind of having a fixed rate mortgage without the hassle of going through the mortgage process every five years and the risk of it not being refinanced. We have the peace of mind to know that financing of the church is set.


Ruling Elder James Williams







Mt. Pleasant COGBF

Waverly, FL

In speaking to my church’s Governing Board and District Elder, I reached out to the loan specialist at Church of God by Faith Financial Solutions and begin the process of applying for a church loan. The process was very smooth and in a matter of 2 weeks, we were approved and working on a strategic plan for our renovation project. Our church has been completely renovated and equipped to serve the next generation of worshippers. Thanks, Bishop and to the entire Financial Solutions Board for making this possible and affordable.

Pastor Marte Wilson

Vernon COGBF

Vernon, FL

The work continues to be in progress. We are pleased to say that with the help of Loan Financial Solutions we were able to purchase the building. With the purchasing of the building, we will be able to have individual Sunday School classrooms, a living quarter, general office, supply room, pantry and youth activity room. Our present building is only a Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary. We thank Loan Financial Solutions for accepting our application and its approval.

We Sincerely Thank you,

Elder John Smith, Pastor


Ozark, AL

Financial Solutions has been a great benefit to us here in Ozark. Besides paying off an existing loan which reduced our payments by twelve months, it helped us acquire a 28,000 square foot school which we call Matthew-Scippio Academy Ozark. Thank you, Financial Solutions.


Elder Horace N. Turner

Ark of the Covenant COGBF

Rochester, NY

Ark of the Covenant COGBF (AOC) sends a resounding shout of Victory and Praise to God for vision, strategy, and implementation of COGBF Financial Solutions. Through this entity, AOC Church was able to refinance our Church loan, freeing up money for us to reinvest in the advancement of Kingdom works. The congregants along with Advisory Board Members at the Ark are forever grateful to have secured this refinance loan.


Pastor Nolan Williams

Impact Ministries COGBF

Waycross, GA

As a song writer once pinned this song, If it had not been for the Lord on our side, I truly don’t know where we (Impact Ministries C.O.G.B.F.) Waycross, Ga. would be. Looking back, I know without a shadow of doubt that C.O.G.B.F. Financial Solutions was a God sent. In June of 2017 we were in a situation where we needed to make good on a balloon payment that was due. C.O.G.B.F. Financial Solutions was there to meet our need at that appointed time. After this payment was made, there was still a balance owed. Once again C.O.G.B.F. Financial Solutions was there and we were able to refinance the existing loan with a new loan. So to say the least, we are very proud of what C.O.G.B.F. Financial Solutions has done and is doing for our organization.


Pastor Timothy Warren

Shekinah Glory COGBF

Columbia, SC

This letter comes to express our gratitude for accepting our loan request for Shekinah Glory, Church of God by Faith, Inc. Now that we are part of Church of God by Faith Financial Solutions, our church will benefit in so many ways. The most important benefit is having a more affordable and lowered monthly payment so that we may acquire our sanctuary in real time. Other important benefits are to obtain a lower interest rate of financing with the option for an early payoff, gain financial control over the church finances, and allow funding opportunities for the upkeep of our sanctuary. Again, we are most appreciative of this opportunity. We are very grateful, and we look forward to working with you.


Pastor, Elder David Laws, Jr.