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COGBF Financial Solutions, Inc. has 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, and 20 year term mortgages available.

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

Proverbs 21:5

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    COGBF Financial Solutions, Inc. currently provides term loans to refinance existing church loans, construction loans (new build, remodels, or expansion), and loans for new purchases to primarily COGBF, Inc. churches, ministries, and educational facilities.


    Q: How does the Extension Fund Provide loan services?

    A: The Extension Fund can provide loan services to COGBF churches through the investment of those who are willing to place their monies in the Fund. This program is open to all COGBF members to invest as either individuals or corporate entities.

    Q: What types of loans will COGBF Financial Solutions offer?

    A: Currently the type of loan offered will be primarily for church mortgage refinances. Loans for church renovations and new acquisitions begin as funds are available.

    Q: How long does processing take for the loan application?

    A. 15-to-30 days after all the proper documentation and criteria has been met by the applicant.

    Q: Who approves the loan?

    A: An underwriting team for COGBF Financial Solutions will review, process, and give preliminary approval to the loan application. After the review process, it will be submitted to the COGBFFS Board of Directors for final approval.

    Q. Will loans be offered for the congregation such as first mortgages, and lines of credit?

    A. Not currently.

    Q. Will personal loans be made to individuals?

    A. No

    Church Projects

    Love and Grace Ministries COGBF

    Alma, GA

    Financial Solutions was a blessing to the ministry.  While in the process of building the community center, we reached out for financial assistance to help aid in the cast of the gym floor, ac units, and the payoff of side construction debt.

    Financial Solutions was able to combine the loan requested for FCC and the existing mortgage with a lower interest rate.

    Pastor Tyrone Jordan

    Ozark COGBF

    Ozark, AL

    Financial Solutions has been a great benefit to us here in Ozark. Besides paying off an existing loan which reduced our payments by twelve months, it helped us acquire a 28,000 square foot school which we call Matthew-Scippio Academy Ozark. Thank you, Financial Solutions.

    Elder Horace N. Turner

    COGBF Financial Solutions provides several options for loans. Please fill out the Loan Inquiry form for further assistance. Our knowledgeable staff will contact you.