Church of God By Faith Financial Solutions, Inc. was created to make our money count and we have a variety of high-yield options for you. Our investments offer one-year, three-year and five-year investor notes. These investments make it possible to help churches within the COGBF, Inc. reach their goals by providing safe, quality loans.


Q: What is the process to invest with the extension fund?

A: There is an application to fill out that asks for personal information. On the application, the investor may name a joint owner or beneficiary. All information is confidential. The investor may request an application by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling 904-574-9853.

Q: What are the terms and rates of investments?

A: We currently offer one, two, three, and five year investments. However, our rates are always subject to

change. For a rate inquiry, please call the COGBF Extension Fund at 904-574-9853.

Q: How is interest earned paid to the investor?

A: We have the flexibility to pay investors their interest as they choose. We can pay the interest quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The investor can also choose to reinvest any earned interest until the investment matures.

Q: Does the investor get a statement?

A: Yes. The investor will receive a quarterly statement to show any interest earned, the principal amount invested and the total earned up to date.